Accessing Report Cards


Please watch this video above to see how to access the Parent portal on MyEducationBC website.  

PLEASE NOTE: MyEdBC has very limited functions on a mobile device.  You will need to use the desktop view on a larger screen to find the link to the report card.

Once you are into the MyEducationBC website, look for "Published Reports" - on a computer it should be just right of center.  The report card(s) for your child(ren) should be right under this heading.

If you have more than one child in any SD73 school, then you will need to select the child to look at each report card - you can select which child you are viewing right above the "Published Reports" header.


Your username and password will be sent on the morning of Monday, April 27 to the parent/guardian email address that we have on file - please check your spam/junk folder if you can not find it, before you call or email the school.  If you would prefer a copy of the report card to be sent home by mail, then please call or email Kris Luison:   kluison {at} 


MyEducationBC Website link

Video Tour of MyEducationBC Functions available to Parents/Guardians


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