BSS Sports

June 11 - BSS Athletic Banquet

BSS Athletics would like to invite our athletes and their parents/guardians to the 2023-2024 Athletic Banquet. This year it is being held on Tuesday, June 11th and the doors will open at 5:00pm. The format will be a bit different this year, with each grade cohort bringing certain foods. Below will highlight what type of dish we hope each athlete can bring: 
Grade 7 - Dessert 
Grade 8 - Veggies or Salads
Grades 9/10/11 - Main dishes 
Grade 12 - Dessert 
We are hoping to provide a full meal this year, rather than just desserts and drinks. The rundown of the night will go as follows:
5:00pm - Doors open and people bring their food dishes 
5:30pm - Eating Begins 
6:00pm - Speeches and Award Presentations

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