How to get your PEN (Personal Education Number)

Here is a step-by-step outline of how a student may obtain their Personal Education Number (PEN), and with the PEN may access any Ministry of Education Secondary School Transcript currently on file. 

Start at this link 

Select the link to “Get your Personal Education Number”

(scroll down to the bottom of the webpage where you can) 

1) Create a basic BCeID (email verification needed) and then from that same page,

2) Create a GetMyPEN (GMP) account to obtain your PEN (a second email verification is required).

3) Provide your full names (current & past) and other key demographics into the GMP form. It may take 1 working day at which time you should receive an email alert to log back into the GMP account to see your PEN.

4) After you have received your PEN, You can use your PEN and BCeID to access the Student Transcript Service website

5) Follow the steps listed for former students to use your BCeID to obtain your Transcript – (there are contact phone and emails shown for issues found with BCeID or Transcript retrieval). 

FOR STUDENTS WHO ATTENDED PRIOR TO THE LATE 1980s - you will not have a PEN # unless you've attended Post-Secondary after the late 1980s

You will need to call the School District No. 73 at 250-374-0679 (Records Dept.) to request a copy of your Permanent Student Record - which is different then your transcript.

The PSR Contains your entire history of schooling in BC K-12, (even if you do not meet graduation or graduated prior to the launch of the PEN system in the late 1980’s)


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